Whistle A Happy Tune…

woman whistling

It is the little things in life that keep you going. Yesterday, I walked out of J.Crew whistling and I don’t even know how to whistle!

I had an unconscious moment recently. I was exhausted from the Open, itching from lack of retail therapy and then I caught sight of a pile of mail and noticed the J. Crew logo staring at me. I sidled over to the pile and started paging.

A cotton, sleeveless blouse with black beading captured by attention. “Wow,” she exclaimed out loud to herself, “that would look great with my replacement tuxedo jacket (the cleaners ruined a designer tuxedo jacket) that I just had made in Vietnam.”

No one stopped me so I called the 800 number and spoke to a sleepy customer service rep at midnight. The blouse was $188…I slipped deeper into the comma and heard a voice telling me to go ahead and reward myself for trudging through 18 hour long days.

I ordered and regained consciousness. The blouse arrived while I was working so I never even opened up the package.

Saturday, I did a drive by at J.Crew Rock Center and, to my surprise, the blouse was in the sale section for $79 plus 30% off…holy shopping shit.

Tuesday, I woke up and sprinted with the unopened package to J.Crew in the Time Warner Center and I walked out with a $188 top reduced to $44…the additional discount was for menopausal women whose arms can still be seen publicly in a sleeveless top…I will take a pity discount any day of the week!

Elated, I jumped on my bike and rode around Central Park 3 times…handled 4 steep hills each time and collapsed at Le Pain Quotidien across from Sheep’s Meadow.

I consumed a healthy Quinoa salad and was informed by my server that a gentleman, who I never even made eye contact with, paid for my lunch. So, mathematically I am up $164 today…who needs Vegas…whistle a happy tune!


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