What Is Old Is New Again…

Nancy Pelosi is 78 years-old.

Recognition of timely advancements in the women’s movement is often focused on the young, vocal leaders.

Speaker Pelosi is proving that the Art of the Deal and the power of the pussy is masterminded by a senior female citizen.

Pelosi is a counterpuncher.

She just jabbed Agent Orange in his doughy, fast food bread box by retracting the invitation for the State of the Union address set for January 29th, claiming security would be at risk due to the government shutdown.

tRUMP hit back in a juvenile manner, scorching earth rather than really burning Pelosi and fellow delegates, grounding the Speaker of the House and denying the ability to visit troops in Afghanistan, but Melania gets to take a trip to Florida ahead of the holiday weekend on a government jet.

What a leader.

Let’s face the facts.

Money was approved for this contentious wall and at the last minute trump took the advise of a conservative talking head, Ann Coulter (and Rush Limbaugh), who has never been a champion of women or anyone but herself, over the advise of well informed experts.

By the way, I am also taking a stand.

I am not participating in the Women’s March tomorrow as I cannot support a movement headed by a woman who promotes and supports anti-semitism.

The national group is embroiled in allegations of anti-semitic rhetoric as well as ties to Louis Farrakhan, whose Nation of Islam has been designated a hate group.

Farrakhan has praised Women’s March Inc. co-President Tamika Mallory, who has continued to support Farrakhan.

The anti-Semitism claims stem from a November 2016 meeting at which two Women’s March leaders, Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez, allegedly said that Jews needed to confront their own role in racism and that they “bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people.”

Hypocracy reigns and clouds the cause.

I continue to support women, women’s rights and advancement along with the national message of protest against Agent Orange, but I will not support prejudice or hate in any form.

And Nancy, you rock.

Age knows no limits.


  1. I agree. Nancy rocks and makes me proud to align with her.

  2. Right on!

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