What Is Old Is New Again…

Hangin’ in SoHo can be entertaining.

This only holds true during the week.

Bridge and tunnel peeps swarm to the area on the weekends.

I was in the ‘hood last Thursday and it was empty, affording me the opportunity to revisit the quaint, narrow cobblestone streets, showcasing the fabulous architecture.

I was able to shop unencumbered. There were no lines at the Nespresso boutique, Bloomingdales was empty and you could actually walk on the sidewalk on Broadway, Prince and Spring streets.

At 3pm I realized that I was hungry.

Restaurants in SoHo trend mediocre or expensive.

I remembered that the former influential ‘90’s Upper East Side trattoria, Coco Pazzo, had been reincarnated on Prince Street.

Coco Pazza Kitchen by day offers a casual, varied, reasonably priced Tuscan lunch which is served until 4pm.

In the evening, the dining room flips into Coco Pazzo Trattoria, a full-service restaurant more on par with the original which was open from 1990-2008.

Coco Pazzo has an intimate Italian farmhouse feel.

We kicked things off with a deliciously spicy tomato soup, Uova al Pomodoro, with an egg poached in spicy tomato sauce and melted Pecorino cheese ($10).

We combined this with a healthy Ceci a Quinoa salad with chickpeas, quinoa, roasted cherry tomatoes, toasted almonds accented with  preserved lemon. I sprinkled a bit of EVOO and ground pepper and it was delicious ($11).

A bottle of olive oil is left on the table, accompanying crispy rustic bread sprinkled with rock salt perfect for dipping in the EVOO.

We shared the al dente Cavio e Pepe which had a bit of a kick. It was delicious and the sauce was lightly tossed with the pasta not drenched as it is in many places ($13.50).

Our neighbor ordered Salmone Arrosto which was served with crushed avocado and luscious heirloom tomato  ($14.50).

Sandwiches are generous, cut in half with a large portion of crispy fries separating the sandwich halves.

Classic music envelopes Coco Pazzo which offers delicious food in a calm, inviting environment.

The prices are great for ladies who lunch or anyone milling about SoHo.

Coco Pazzo 160 Prince Street SoHo. Lunch Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm and Sunday 12-4pm. Coco Pazzo Trattoria Monday-Saturday 5-11pm and Sunday 5-9:30pm. Reservations on Resy.

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