What A Man…

Say my name.

Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO.

What a man, what a mighty good man.

I do not usually focus on people unless we are well acquainted, are mockable politicians or insidious celebrities, but Bourla gave me a natural high.

Bourla has overseen the development of the world’s first safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Bourla who now lives in Scarsdale, New York, was born in Thessaloniki, Greece to a family with deep roots in the city’s Sephardic Jewish community.


His parents were among the few to survive the Holocaust in the Greek port city.

He projects happiness and positivity.

Bourla credits his mother who was always so grateful despite being in front of a Nazi firing squad. She and one other were pulled out of line without explanation, surviving imminent death.

When the Germans invaded Greece, there were approximately 50,000 Jews living in the city. By the end of the war, only 2,000 had survived.

Bourla has a medical degree in veterinary medicine and had worked for Pfizer for 25 years before becoming CEO

In the Spring of 2020, Bourla began to devote all his efforts to Pfizer’s development of a possible vaccine against Covid-19.

By late July of 2020, the company was among the top developers of a potential vaccine, in partnership with the German firm BioNTech. By November, the Pfizer vaccine was proven to be 90 percent effective against the coronavirus.

Unlike Ron DeSantis favored donors and celebrity vaccine line cutters, Bourla’s wife, Myriam Alchanati Bourla, hasn’t received the vaccine.

Why? Because at age 48, she stated it’s not her turn yet.

Learning about this remarkable man makes me want to unearth a shot of hope and inspiration.

I received the Moderna and am now compelled to do a deep dive into the Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel, who is a French billionaire who attended Harvard Business School.

I am hoping there is a strand of goodness in my two doses.



  1. Ellie lupo says:

    💜 quite a story of a remarkable man..I am getting second dose of Moderna a week from today. Me..who hates needles..has worked hard to get these! Stay well and safe

    • I am so glad you will soon be protected. As you know from reading today’s post, I am a Moderna girl! Today David and I mark our 2 week incubation so we are allegedly relatively safe. Our COVID lifestyle will not change, but I am absolutely thrilled!!
      I can relate to your struggle to get vaccinated! Be well and happy💜

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