Weekend Delight…

In many parts of the country it just may be a less then stellar weather weekend.

Movies anyone?

If you are in the mood for a unique, creative, entertaining film, go see the Oscar nominated, Parasite.

Parasite is both a dark comedy and thriller focusing on class discrimination…it’s definitely an entertaining production that you have never before witnessed.

I am planning on a weekend viewing of the movie, Jojo Rabbit.

Just binged watched season 1 (10 episodes) of Ramy which the lead actor and creator, Ramy Youssef, recently won a Golden Globe for best Best Actor in a comedy series.

In the TV series, Ramy plays a first-generation Egyptian-American who is on a personal spiritual journey that takes generous liberties with the tenants of Islam.

Ramy is an insightful, keen, dark comedy.

I also really enjoyed, This Way Up which spotlights  a talented cast.

The series is set in London and involves a single Irish woman who has had a teeny nervous breakdown.

She ingeniously teaches English as a second language.

Comedian Sharon Horgan plays Áine’s protective elder sister. Horgan was the creator and lead in the brilliant comedy series, Catastrophe.

This Way Up is infinitely charming, and at times,  devastating.

You might also enjoy The Two Popes. Great acting by Anthony Hopkins as Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Pryce as Pope Francis. I wasn’t totally enthralled, but it is compelling.

Check our The Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Visit the new galleries, bookstore and revamped lobby.

And of course if you are into football the divisional playoffs are on Sunday, featuring the AFC championship game at 3:05 ET on CBS with the Tennessee Titans playing the Kansas City Chiefs followed by the NFC divisional match up, the San Francisco 49ers against the Green Bay Packers at 6:40 pm ET on Fox.

Photo:Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

During the weekend try hard not to be a bully like the Republicans (Steve Scalia, Mark Meadows) who just criticized Nancy Pelosi for using too many pens to sign the impeachment documents…I thought Romper Room was cancelled years ago…go figure.

Trump’s reign of terror is reality TV at its most absurd and destructive…it is literally “White Househusbands of Washington D.C.”

BTW, many commentators pointed out, Pelosi was only doing what many politicians before her have done, including one Donald J. Trump.

Cheers to the weekend…let the impeachment begin.

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