Weekend Abscession…


Went on a spending spree this weekend.

I put my money where my doggie’s mouth is.

$4000 for an abscessed tooth which needs surgery along with the blood work, medication, x-rays. My root canals never cost that much.

Re-entered the Dust Bowl Friday night after having a lovely dinner and some fine wine at BOA with our friend April.

All was right in my world for a brief moment. One week closer to completion of the Money Pit, my mom was on the mend, Courtny was winging her way to New York City and David was gearing up for a huge summit in Seattle.

I walked in and gave Madison a huge hug because that is what I always do and I winced…a giant lump had appeared under her jaw.

Holy crap…what is up.

Spend my Late Night Friday hangin’ with Jimmy Fallon and Ms. Madison, keeping an eye on the swelling.

Up and out very early Saturday to be first in line to see the vet since we did not have an appointment. The office opens at 8am, but to our dismay the doctor’s don’t arrive until 9.

Luckily, we were able to commandeer a vet before she donned her scrubs and began the normal programming schedule.

Still 34 days until Major League Baseball’s first spring training game and already I have been thrown a curveball.

Hopefully, Team Toby can turn the sludge of January into sunshine and still have a stellar 2015.


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