We Are Family…

I love my family.

This Father’s Day they gave mom the best gift…healing love.

I had made plans to celebrate the remarkable  father of my child. When I woke on Sunday I did not think I had the going out mojo.

Well, I slipped into my big girl panties, it took 2 hours to muster the energy to get ready and we finally departed for lunch.

We hailed a cab which goes against everything I stand for in NYC and arrived early at a great new restaurant in the East 30’s.

We had time so I girded my loins for a walk about at the newly redeveloped Moynihan Train Hall, an extension of Pennsylvania Station.

It is amazing inside. Now you can take Amtrak or the LIRR in style, enjoying fab food and shopping while commuting or traveling about.

The weather was simply the best on Sunday, low 70s, clear skies, no humidity, light breeze.

Lunch at Zou Zou’s was stellar and we dined outside.

We headed to the theatre district to see a matinee of POTUS which is a riotous comedy about the “women in charge of the man in charge of the free world.”

Photo by Jenny Anderson

The afternoon flew by and the superb comedic cast included, Vanessa Williams, Rachel Dratch, Julie White, Lilli Cooper, Suzy Nakamura, Lea Delaria and the surprisingly entertaining, Julianne Hough.

A lovely group hug ended the memorable Father’s Day which also turned out to be an empowering mommy’s day, as well and left me knowing, despite vertigo and all the rest, how extraordinarily lucky I am.



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