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cafe3It’s the middle of a grueling winter in the U.S. and presently, I am hangin’ in Los Angeles. I am aiming to piss off at least half of my readers by reviewing some cute little places to have breakfast outside by the water.

On Super Bowl Sunday we took a long bike ride on the path that runs by the Pacific Ocean. We rode from Santa Monica to Topanga and stopped on the way back for a scenic breakfast with a full frontal of the ocean and expansive Santa Monica beach.

Back On The Beach is a simple place with an amazing view. I cannot recall if I have ever been inside. We always sit at the tables in the sand, directly on the beach.

Portobello Mushroom Omelette, Potatoes, Scone
Portobello Mushroom Omelette, Potatoes, Scone

We ordered a portobello and chive omelette with crispy potatoes and it arrived with an adorable mini scone. They offer typical breakfast eggs, waffles, pancakes, burritos and lunch items, as well.

You go mainly for the view, but they serve up a hearty breakfast.

A few miles down the bike path, you arrive in Manhattan Beach which is very trendy now. There are a plethora of cool, hip young chefs opening up very good restaurants in Manhattan Beach. I have reviewed some…noteworthy are Little Sister, MB Post and Fishing with Dynamite.

Uncle Bill's Pancake House
Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is definitely the place to be for breakfast. It started serving delicious breakfasts in 1961. The Van Amburgh family bought it in 1973 and opened the patio in 2000. Choose from pancakes, waffles, omelettes, french toast, breakfast wraps, and breakfast is served all day…you never leave hungry and it is all tasty and ample. Most dishes range between $6-$10.

View From Uncle Bill's
View From Uncle Bill’s

Lunch is also served, but go early for breakfast. After 9, plan on waiting 20-30 minutes. Stroll over to the center of town and have a cappuccino at Pete’s.

Egg White Omelette, Feta, Tomatoes
Egg White Omelette, Feta, Tomatoes

At Cora’s everything is local from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. I love their burrata caprese omelette ($10) and the egg white, arugula and feta omelette ($12.50). They also have a delicious turkish breakfast, orange pancakes with fresh blueberries and maple syrup ($9), wagyu kobe style burger ($14.50). short rib tacos ($12.50) and homemade bagels with burrata cream cheese ($4.50).

Cora's Coffee Shoppe
Cora’s Coffee Shoppe

Chef Bruce Marder has incorporated all the goodness from his high end restaurant, Capo, into Cora’s (Capo is next door and they share a restroom). It is probably the most gourmet dining of the three.

Again, sit outside under the huppa or what looks to be an arched woven web of branches. You really cannot see the ocean, but you are only a block away from the actual beach.

Chill, take in the view and enjoy breakfast on the waterfront.

Back On The Beach 445 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica. No reservations outside. Winter hours M-F 8am-3pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm.

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House 1305 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach. M-F 6am-3pm. Saturday-Sunday 7am-3pm. No reservations.

Cora’s Coffee Shoppe 1902 Ocean Avenue Santa Monica.  Monday-Sunday 7am-3pm. No reservations.



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