Wash Over Me…


Yin and yang.

My life on both coasts.

I tend to hibernate in Los Angeles.

My home is my personal oasis.

Space is not a scarce commodity.

I can roam and stretch out.

In NYC, I am forever on the go, constantly stimulated and juggling a plethora of options.

In LA, I embrace the outdoors, creating in the kitchen, easily sourcing fresh produce without having to venture to the Union Square Greenmarket.

I am always searching for cultural options…few exist.

I feel like Thoreau in California.

I have found my island and practice a premeditated policy of isolationism.

My favorite thing is to hang by the water, a constant calming source.

But, of course, water takes on a completely different complexion in New York City…7 floods over eight years from the upstairs middle-aged Oxycotin addict, amounting to $165,000 in water damage and a 2 month exodus from my home to a neighboring hotel.

Yin and Yang.



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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    So glad you have an oasis!

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