I Wanna Be A Tight End…


Recently, I was chatting to our sports addicted super…we shoot sports shit all the time.

That morning we talked about how despicable both the NY Giants and NY Knicks are.

New York sports teams have failed on every level this year…even the spendthrift Yankees have been very quiet during the off season. Other baseball teams have been spending like there was no tomorrow.

And then my phone buzzed with a breaking NY Yankee alert.

The Bronx Bombers had come up with a short stop…not that there is any way to ever replace Derek Jeter, but at least they had a capable body to, hopefully, fill the position.

Shortstop Didi Gregorius/photo:zimbio.com
Shortstop Didi Gregorius/photo:zimbio.com

The Yankees have been after Dutchman, Didi Gregorius for awhile. They reportedly tried to trade for him last offseason. In order to get the deal done with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Yankee GM, Brian Cashman, had to reach out to Detroit Tigers, GM Dave Dombroski for help.

Dombroksi coveted NY Yankee pitcher, Shane Greene and Cashman told him that the young right-hander was his if he could deliver Gregorius…baseball intrigue just like in the movie, Moneyball.

Pitcher Andrew Miller/photo:isportsweb.com
Pitcher Andrew Miller/photo:isportsweb.com

Regarding the other breaking news item, pitcher Andrew Miller, believe it or not, actually took less money to sign with the Yankees. He is up to the challenge. Players often shun New York because of the intense media scruntiny.

Picher David Robertson/photo:sportsofanarchy.com
Picher David Robertson/photo:sportsofanarchy.com

The productive and adorable 9th inning Yankee reliever (once again, no one can replace Mariano Riviera), the high socked, David Robertson, has been playing hardball. He is a free agent and wants 4-years $50 million dollar contract.

The Yankees threw a curveball and have not jumped at the opportunity and the Miller signing further clouded resigning Robertson.

Unfortunately, 3 days ago, the Chicago White Sox showed Robertson the money and he is gone…an era ends. It will be a long time before the Yankees have an 8th inning set up man like Robertson followed by closer, Mariano Riviera.

These players live my dream…from the age of 4 I wanted to be a tight end for the NY Giants. Why wasn’t I born a boy with tremendous sports abilities…I would be lean, mean and rich by now.

But then I wouldn’t be menopausal and this fab blog would not exist.

NY  Giant Odell Beckham Greatest Catch Against Cowboys/photo:time.com
NY Giant Odell Beckham Greatest Catch Against Cowboys/photo:time.com

Back to reality…thank you NY Yankees for giving me hope during a cold, depressing football and basketball season that has not provided any highlight reels.

Even my beloved Syracuse University Orange basketball team sucks, suffering as key players from last year left college for the glory and money of the NBA…screw education.

The one exception to my grueling and unrewarding sports season is the truly amazing one-handed catch by the NY Giants top draft pick, Odell Beckham, Jr. against the despised Dallas Cowboys in another humiliating loss. Beckham’s catch is one of the greatest in NFL history.

Bless you NY Yankees for possibly hitting a homer and pumping up my deflated sports spirit.

In my jet lagged haze, I have virtually donned my official NY Giants shoulders pads and with Eli Manning autographed football in hand, I am heading over to Palisades High School in a bit to scrimmage with the football team…still trying to make my fantasy football dreams come true.

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