Walking On The Wild Side…

red circle no texting while walking

Are we going to have to install traffic lights, caution or stop signs on the sidewalks across America? Yesterday, I had several near misses and last minute avoided a head on collision because it seems as if everyone reads and texts while walking.

 Perhaps, meter maids should start ticketing for drunk walking on sidewalks. I am happy to see people smiling, but apparently it is electronically induced from humorous messages or sexting, but it’s dangerous. People are being jostled, kids are knocked down, dogs tripped over…

The habit has been moved from restaurants to sidewalks. i am sure  you have noticed how many people don’t make eye contact or speak during meals…they are busy consuming the interplay on their phones.

texting at dinner

The government is taking notice of all the texting while walking.  In Fort Lee, NJ if you are caught texting while walking, you will be fined $85. NYC is looking into enforcing that law. Did you know that 74% of 13-17 year-old’s text and walk and 50% of 35-44 year-old’s do the same?

Texting While Walking

Come on, man, let’s just walk, unencumbered by phones and iPads. Please remember to look your friend, significant other in the eye and chat at meals…don’t let interpersonal communication go by the wayside like knowing how to spell and conjugate sentences. Walk tall and proud…your friends don’t need to see another selfie of you walking down the street. If you have to take a photo, pull over and let other pedestrians enjoy strolling. If not, text while jaywalking and just sacrifice your body to insure the rest of us can just keep on walking.


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