Walkin’ The Dog…

I walked 2400 consecutive steps Sunday morning.

I was tired and sweaty, but I did it.

I am so proud…can’t put baby on the couch for too too long!

It was a beautiful day. We had just bathed the doggie and I actually walked her to Central Park by myself.

Three weeks in and I am just walkin’ the dog.

The only problem is I cannot sit on a park bench…too hard and painful.

Wish they made folding cushions because I have no spare hands with a cane, a new hip and a dog.

Home again, exhausted and sore, I took to the couch with ice in hand and finished watch the compelling yet violent Mayor of Kingstown.

Blue skies up above I am hopefully elated about my progress to date.

On a continuous loop in my head I keep hearing Rufus Thomas singing, Walkin’ The Dog…

Walkin’ the dogWell, if you don’t know how to do itI’ll show you how to walk the dog.,.

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  1. Terrific!

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