Vulnerable at 6am…

Feeling vulnerable during Morning Joe.

It is beyond comprehension that the U.S. is abandoning the Kurds who had our backs for all the years we fought against ISIS and it is just one more Agent Orange decision that erodes and alienates America.

I am also in tears because I am flat on my back sick.

I never give in even to my frequent migraines.

Funny, I have become a fan of Mondays…I have grown to love two class Monday….1 hour of spin and then 1 hour of pilates.

Today I can’t move.

My husband was up all night with me putting the AC on when I was hotter than the NY Yankees and then grabbing blankets when I was colder then the NY Giants defense.

Break of dawn he brought me tea with honey and a freshly baked croissant from Bread Bakery.

He was sick a few weeks ago and in tears I asked him if I was as nice to him…thankfully, he responded, Yes!

It’s beyond great to have support when it’s difficult to function and nearly impossible to walk the dogs.

Okay, it’s a wrap.

The hacking cough and blinding headache have blockaded my ability to think creativity.

Wishing you all good health.

Topic: “Why did I get a flu shot last week?!”




  1. I am placing good healthy thoughts your way.

  2. Beth Martin says:

    Oh no. Poor baby. Sending you healing prayers from across the Ocean. Glad you have such a sweet, loving husband.

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