Variety’s Hollywood’s New Leader List…

These are dark days, but my amazing daughter just shined a bright light on today and, ultimately, the future.

I am so proud that Courtny was just selected by Variety as an elite member of Hollywood’s New Leaders List.

The innovative group of outstanding talent gives me faith in tomorrow.

To quote Variety, “The pandemic has posed extra challenges for Hollywood’s emerging leaders, who have had, in many cases, to manage teams working remotely while also coping with a disrupted entertainment marketplace — and our country’s reckoning with racial injustice. But the talents on this list have prevailed, finding ways to connect with their teams via Zoom and pivot whenever necessary. The list includes executives, creatives, lawyers, agents and some showrunners — each 40 years old or younger.”


  1. Congratulations Courtny!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful tribute! I’ve heard she has great parent.

  3. Anna Holbrook says:

    Proud for you!!!!! Wow.

  4. Congratulations to wonderful Courtney! Amazing in this time in our g
    History….so wonderful to hear of something that lifts the spirit. Understandably proud parents.💜🎉👏🏻⭐️☺️

  5. Congrats to Courtny! The apple doesn’t fall far….! 🙂

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