Valley Girl…Not

San Fernando Valley
San Fernando Valley

I ventured to the dark side yesterday. I drove to the San Fernando Valley.

It’s so foreign to me that I feel as if I should have taken my passport.

Once you crest the top of the 405 by the Getty Museum and begin your descent into the towering inferno, it appears to be a different province/state/country.

I found my way to Sherman Way in North Hollywood and located my destination despite the fact that every street looks the same.

I selected a granite countertop for the bathroom. It took one hour and I was enveloped in a cloud of dust and granite particles, but there was music so we kept it Happy.

When I departed The Valley and arrived in Pacific Palisades there was a 12 degree differential.

Back home with sea breezes soothing my commute, I receive a call from my new contractor advising me that the man who helped me at the shop showed me the wrong granite. I have to go back again tomorrow. Seriously?!

The original countertop they cut had a huge ‘natural’ flaw running the width of the top. How no one noticed is beyond me.

Now I have to deal with the backlash and backsplash.

Will the insanity ever end?

Next up, I had an appointment in Santa Monica for a full body check at the dermatologist and as promised, I wanted to get some cosmetic updates regarding my own pigskin.

I was advised that I am not in need of a facelift…how kind.

My neck still stands on its own without aging rings like a tree trunk, my lids are still unflappable and my forehead unblemished. BUT a little injectable wouldn’t be all bad.

I will take all this under advisement.

I am renovating my home maybe I should consider some spackle and paint on my face. I think the shelf life of a new floor and countertop is longer and less expensive than a vial full of Botox or Juvederm which costs as much an ounce as gold.

The verdict is out on who and what will look better after projected renovations.

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