Upgrading Life…

I frequently review Broadway shows.

Switching coasts, I have a small, but mighty show to recommend.

In LA, I am always looking for interesting things to do.

Yes, it does rain and the sun does set in southern California. thus the need to come indoors.

Unfortunately, the pickings are often slim.

I discovered an engrossing, funny, intelligent, emotional and compelling cultural event in Los Angeles.

Get your carb resistant body over to Santa Monica and experience, Sacred Resistance.

Vicki Juditz’s story started 5,000 years ago at Mt. Sinai when a rag tag group of people accepted the idea of one God.

They became ‘The Chosen’ and that decision was made without social media influences although a photo of the group on Mt. Sinai would have received a Kardashian amount of clicks.

Juditz, Lutheran by birth, who’s never committed to anything in her life except finding a boyfriend, upgrading her apartment and tackling a more rewarding job, is about to make a life changing choice.

In her outstanding one-woman show, Sacred Resistance, Vicki Juditz, tells her compelling story with humor and pathos.

Look familiar…you may recognized this talented woman from her many TV appearances.

During the show she confronts her German past, challenges evil, religion and the universal quest to find a husband.

It moved me to laughter and tears and I found myself ruminating about the essence of her story for hours afterward.

In light of the political climate, Juditz leaves us with a very relevant takeaway, “What am I doing to make the world a better place?”

By the way, the show is a product of the lauded Jewish Women’s Theatre.

JWT was recently voted “Best Live Theatre on the Westside” by The Argonaut and just received the LA STAGE Ovation Recommend, which recognizes excellence in theatrical work throughout each Ovation season and promotes productions during their run…this is a big deal for a small theater.

For a thought provoking, affordable and entertaining experience, hightail it over to JWT and see, Sacred Resistance.

Sacred Resistance at The Braid 2912 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California. The acclaimed show has been extended from September 8-October 7th, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm. To purchase tickets visit: www.jewishwomenstheatre.org.

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