I took an adult timeout.

It was a tough decision to impose this action upon myself.

The consequences were very revealing and therapeutic.

I got Unplugged and loved it.

No, I did not spend the morning listening to MTV basement tapes. I experienced an unplug meditation class.

Yet again, through Class Pass, I colored outside my rigid comfort zone.


I tried meditating when I was in graduate school and my mantra was a word that sounded like a popular singer. Every time I closed my eyes the song, If I Could Turn Back Time, with vocals by Cher would interrupt any peaceful, self involved breathing and I would want to get up and dance rather than calmly meditate. I could not move forward and my meditation tryout ended in upbeat failure.

When I told my family I was going to a meditation class they laughed.

Their take…a Type A person going to a LaLaland meditation class was a futile exercise.

The day before my first class was incredibly intense. 10 workmen running through my home. The granite top cracking after they fitted it to the bathroom vanity. A decorator passing through with touchy feely decorating tips…what do you want to do in your bedroom? (sleep)

I was tardy to the party to pick up my friend visiting from NY and the 10 freeway was jammed so we crawled to Hollywood to see the Louis Vuitton show.

I was more than ready to end the continuous stress loop that kept playing in my head.

I walked into unplug in West LA and the aroma of orange, the serene white walls and the soundtrack soothed me.

Unplug Meditation Lobby
Unplug Meditation Lobby

I checked in and asked what the hell was this all about. A lovely woman explained and I thought about leaving. No way breathing was going to work for me unless I was in labor.

I was instructed to abandon shoes and phones which are surrendered to cubbies in the sleek lobby area.

Suze Yalof Schwartz at the Unplug Meditation Center

We retrieved black seats and cushions that adjust to 5 different positions. You are instructed to assume the position before the class starts so as to not disturb anyone.

My instructor was sitting cross-legged on a white box at the front and the scene was set with a Tibetan singing bowl, candles and a vase of fresh flowers.

The instructor was our lifeline. Her voice possessed a very tranquil quality and she would occasionally break the silence by interjecting comments about coming home, being in touch with our body and focusing on our breath.

I was shocked that I was able to release my inner turmoil and focus on my body. I started to get a migraine and I was able to release it.

I walked out of the class refreshed, enlightened and at peace.

I called my daughter because she had serious doubts and had advised me to skip the class. When I told her how much I liked it she became agitated and asked where her mother was and who had stolen her identity.

I definitely plan on a repeat performance of the Clarity class. Check class listings as there are many variants offered. By the way, unplug meditation has classes for children starting as young as first graders.

For those over 16, there are 30 wide ranging weekly classes, 30 to 45 minutes in length, to choose from at the relaxing rate of $22 per class, $150 for unlimited monthly classes.

Suuze Yalof Schwartz photo:mybestyoga.com
Suuze Yalof Schwartz photo:mybestyoga.com

By the way, the charming owner walked in before my departure and it turned out to be Suze Yalof Schwartz, the former Glamour Magazine editor and someone I had crossed paths with before.

Suze is the founder and Chief Meditation Officer of unplug meditation. Before becoming a spiritual entrepreneur, Suze enjoyed a long career as a fashion editor, director and stylist. She has worked at Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Glamour. She was a regular makeover maven on “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “CBS Early Show” and “The View.”
Suze wanted to learn how to meditate and couldn’t find a place that fit so she decided to create one.

Build it and the uptight masses will come and they have. Home run, Suze.

As her mantra states, ‘Hurry up and slow down”…if I can, anyone can.


Unplug Meditation 12401 Wilshire Blvd. #101 Los Angeles, California.  Open daily. Limited free parking as well as metered street parking.


  1. I love Unplug! Try the sat morning 10:30breathing class – whoa – super intense but great! My 10 year old is doing the classes. When we were struggling up Mount Baldy on Monday he said,” if you don’t think negative thoughts like altitude sickness symptoms, you’ll be fine.” That came from Unplug, not me!

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