Unmasking The Truth…

From bookshelves to hair color and cuts.

More tales from the TV.

Recently, I posted about how everyone interviewed on television has bookshelves in their homes.

Just released from lock up, this week I am noticing that a lot of women on TV have had their roots touched up and their color revitalized.

Men are showing up less shaggy.

I am not ready to go to a salon.

The root of the issue is that I have been quarantined since mid-Match, why risk it for vanity.

I also received an email on Monday that Equinox in Santa Monica is opening today.

Unless over 117,000 deaths in America are a propaganda tool of the progressive party, why would I ever go to a gym before there is a vaccine for COVID-19?

I cannot imagine a more infectious environment, an indoor trump rally not withstanding.

In Southern California we have gone from zero to 100% wide open in just one week.

Confused, concerned…I am being very cautious and following my own mandate.

I mostly stay home even if I am bored, I never leave home without wearing my mask, I still only hike and walk on the beach early in the morning.

I went to Trader Joe’s with a mask, gloves and sanitizer for the first time in over three months and was in and out in 15 minutes.

I am dedicated to being cautious, responsible and careful.

During my devoted TV viewing, I watched a very interesting segment on masks on yesterday’s Today Show.

Armed with four Petri dishes the health correspondent, directed by a Columbia University microbiologist, was instructed to cough numerous times into the plates first wearing a blue paper surgical mask, next a cloth mask, an N95 mask and finally, no mask.

Fast forward 60 hours to where the Petri dishes were stored in an incubator at a secure lab at Columbia University‘s microbiology department.

The maskless Petri dish plate was heavily contaminated with bacteria, normal for a healthy person.

The surprise was there was absolutely no bacteria on any of the other dishes.

Bottom line…do yourself a huge favor…be consistent and thoughtful, wear a mask (silk and cotton are purportedly the most effective for laypeople), wash your hands, pass it forward and elect to stay at home.

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