Weekend Update…

We successfully overcame Queen E.’s cancer scare.

My mom was in great spirits and feeling groovy.

Next thing I know she has fallen and cannot get up.

The ambulance arrives and carts her off.

Diagnosis: fractured pelvis.

Another learning experience. Case workers, new doctors, Medicare, rehab centers.


Luckily, my mom has all her marbles because I think I am losing mine.

My reality… I feel as if I am in the 2 minute drill at the end of a NY Giants Football game.

We’re winning and elated then there’s a turnover and immediately we are on the defensive.

This is a tough game.

I am hoping for an emotional and physical win.

Stay tuned.

Go Eunice and as Springsteen preaches, Come On, Rise Up!!

florisa mom


  1. feel so badly for her…..not an easy break at 20 let alone 90″s. She is a fighter…a Kaplan…cannot kept “them folks ” down. will call her.

  2. Meryl Nierman says:

    oh no – I’m so sorry Toby. Falls are the things we most fear. My mother broke her hip in her mid-80’s, had a good time in rehab, and is now doing just fine (albeit using a walker). Wishing you good thoughts.

    • Thanks so much, Meryl. Glad to her that your mother has made a successful recovery. I keep singing Springsteen to my mom, ‘Rise Up!’ Hopefully, we will get there.

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