True Happiness…

Can we talk…

Honestly, what makes you happy?

Melinda and Bill Gates just split.

If over $130 billion in the bank does not bring bliss what does?

Financial instability is usually at the top of the bummer list.

Being healthy is a definite advantage, but I never heard anyone say that the state of their health made them happy on dark days.

It usually is framed in respect to, “At least I have my health.”

Love creates a jubilantly intoxicating euphoria especially during the first lustful months of a new relationship.

Then reality sets in.

Companionship is often the key, but let’s face it, we often highlight our partner’s flaws rather than their virtues when we are in conflict and we do not sit and say how content we are with our partner rather, “I’m pissed off with you!”

Often friendships are based on geography, work, history or children.

Truthfully, I do not totally trust most women. How easily they betray confidences or turn on a dime.

I do better with comfortable acquaintance-ships…semi-revealing not intimate.

A designer bag, a vacation, a new car, kick ass shoes, a shiny bauble, a home purchase bring joy and a temporary huge boost to the endorphins, but they do not guarantee a peaceful good night’s sleep.

I am placing my money on purpose and fulfillment.

You need a mission, a job, a purpose to get you out of bed in the morning.

Today I am going easy on myself.

My purpose is to boo the Houston Astros who play 3 games at Yankee Stadium for the first time since they cheated the Yankees by sign stealing during the 2019 ALCS series and denied the Bronx Bombers a World Series appearance.

Even a sports bromance is tenuous and incites displeasure.

Tomorrow my pursuit of happiness will be more cerebral, meaningful and most likely endlessly frustrating since a constant state of mirth is so elusive.

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