Trick Or Treat…



I had such a treat on Halloween.

I was very Sociale.

We went trick or treating at our favorite restaurant in the universe, Sociale in Brooklyn Heights.

I dressed incognito as a fancy restaurant critic, donning a fabulous wide brimmed hat and brocade coat that I designed during my last trip to Vietnam.

I made a grand entrance at Sociale, sweeping into the intimate Italian dining establishment enhanced by romantic mood lighting with candles flickering on the brick walls.

Francesco greeted me with one of his fabulous Italian all embracing hugs…he was dressed as a suave and debonair restauranteur.


No tricks at Sociale…only treats and Francesco kicked off the holiday in style with some bubbly and fresh strawberries.

Holy Batman, this is one dynamic start to Halloween.


We started by bobbing for burrata…sweet and creamy and just hours before flown in from Italy.

Francesco carved out a meal for us that was beyond fabulosity.

Our wine selection was one of nostalgia for him. A potpourri of marvelous blends.

We toasted and celebrated the fact that we genuinely liked each other and were able to spend quality time together bonding over delectable food made with love.

fried Dough
fried Dough

Hocus Pocus, Francesco mixed up a batch of my favorite fried dough that was so light and flaky…not a speck of oil…and the aroma.

I begged him to produce an After Shave essence of fried dough to render all men as irresistible as his mother’s signature dish.


These treats were followed by a sautéed  scallop so fresh I could detect ocean waters.

Grilled Octopus
Grilled Octopus

Grilled octopus to die for arrived. No need to dress this dish up.

Saffron Risotto
Saffron Risotto

Sociale’s latest treat, saffron risotto with lightly fried calamari, was beguiling.

Short Rib
Short Rib

Francesco then unveiled a short rib dish with carrots that I went postal over.


Next course, a tantalizing tuna treat.


The trick or treat at the end of this frighteningly great meal was a pumpkin dessert masquerading as perfection.

Then Francesco unmasked the most unbelievable after dinner wine, Lanciola, the nectar of the Gods.


It was the witching hour.

We had closed the place down again and as much as Francesco and his fantastic staff may adore us, it was a wrap.

We left satiated and at the strike of midnight, turned into pumpkins on the 2 train, rolling off at 72nd Street on the upper west side.

Thankfully, no one attempted to carve us up.

It was a bewitching Halloween.

Thank you to my Prince Charmings for a hell of a Halloween.

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  1. The best treat for me and my crew is to have you and David in the house.
    You know that but let me tell you again: your presence, jokes, smile, smartness make us genuinely very happy, every time we have the pleasure to serve you!!!
    And yes:
    -the entrance was grand
    -the hat was brimmed and fabulous
    -you’ve really asked to put in production a gnocco fritto after shave essence.

    Said so: i love you.

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