Treemendous Tidings…

‘Tis the season.

Last night we dug out our holiday bush.

20 years and counting.

The antique relic was purchased at Target for $9.95…who says things don’t last anymore.

Armed with champagne, we gathered around our holiday shrine and decorated the crap out of the little tree that could.

Every year, new ornaments are bestowed upon the plastic icon.

The latest family members include a glittering Tour Eiffel and an homage to New York City.

One of our prized possessions is a NY Giants football ornament which always hangs front and center.

All the gifts are wrapped with relative care and are now ready for perfect placement under the tree.

I mention ‘relative care’ because, whereas I worship at the Bergdorf Goodman shrine, my mother is a faithful devotee of the Dollar Store.

I love a good bargain, but the wrapping paper from there is thinner than the skin of a Hollywood celebrity.

Decorating the tree and wrapping presents are the kind of after hours assignments that bring much pleasure.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy memorable family moments and pure self-involved, entitled capitalistic endeavors.

Giving to others less fortunate is also part of the program.

Happy Holidays.



    Thank you for sharing your life , your story …
    Thank you for taking me to dinner and to the beach …
    For all the fun, happy moments thank you for your vulnerability sharing your health and family get togethers.
    Thank you for being you….
    My Love to All of you….

    • I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful comment. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season and peace and joy in the New Year. I am so happy that you are an avid follower. Laura, you are a creative and passionate woman who I have always admired.

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