Tops In TV…

Looking for entertaining, stimulating, irresistible and distracting outlets while living in Coronaville?

Tired of scanning through the hundreds of dreary titles on Netflix and Hulu?

Voila, my latest cheat sheet to save you time and frustration.

Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy special, 23 Hours To Kill is the cure for what is ailing all of us right now.


He really is the master of taking the obvious and making it so relatably hilarious.

Unpack the close association between sucks and great, dive deep into Pop Tarts, unmask marriage.

In retrospect, the special makes the viewer see how quickly the world has radically changed in the past few months.

Mindy Kaling has created a very funny and poignant new show. Never Have I Ever which dropped April 27th on Netflix.

It is binge worthy.

Added attraction, John McEnroe provides very entertaining voiceover and it is classic McEnroe ‘tude.

The Michelle Obama intimate documentary, Becoming is very compelling. I did crave more revealing dialogue, but it does stand up as a captivating inside view of this smart, witty woman.

Becoming follows the former First Lady on her 34-city 2018-19 tour to promote her memoir.

It is not as in-depth and revealing as Hillary, the original, enthralling Hulu documentary, but still Becoming is Must See TV.

I bid adieu to Season 4 of Better Things on April 30th. Don’t overlook this engrossing series.

Even though I do have more time on my hands I would not waste energy on Hollywood, the Ryan Murphy series about a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood trying  to make it, no matter the cost…and make it they did, time and boring time again…please keep your pants on.

Hope these suggestions keep you informed and entertained.

Comedy is often the best medicine.

Trust me…I am never wrong…just ask my family😜

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