Top Of The Heap…

In New York City you can experience an amazing day without planning ahead or spending much money.

Saturday dawned beautiful with a caveat…batten down the hatches a summer nor’easter was a comin’.

We got up and out by 8am to avoid a crowded bike path.

That dream was short lived as my bike had a seriously defective tire.

We decided on foot power instead, grabbed the dogs and headed for the Hudson River.

The breeze was orgasmic, skies were clear and no humidity.

We stopped for breakfast at the Pier i Cafe at West 70th Street and Riverside Park right by the water.

It was so relaxing and appealing that we hung for an hour.

Holy fertility there are a plethora of babies on the upper west side along with joggers of every shape and size and a huge range of dogs.

Afterwards, the family headed uptown walking by the river and made it into the 100’s where we turned around.

A quick stop at the dog park, a beverage break and 5 hours had flown by on a perfect Saturday.

To boot, we met a lovely couple with their teenage son and had an interesting dialogue.

We were home in time to see the Yankees initially whip the Mets despite the fact that Un-Sonny Gray Skies was pitching…then to see the Yankees impeccable closer implode and my 2nd least favorite pitcher, Chasen Shreve (romance novel name), save the day.

From there we had a groovy time seeing Momma Mia 2.

We were boogieing to Dancing Queen along with a large portion of the audience.

Greece is very inviting especially on the IMAX screen.

It was a kick!

From there we beat the monsoon to the bar at Cafe Luxembourg and had a delectable time with the lovely Rachel.

You gotta love this city…

I wanna wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep
And find your Queen of the hill, top of the heap.

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