Too Much Reality…

It’s Sunday and I am freaking out about taking my SAT test tomorrow.

Wait a minute.

Its 2019.

My last SAT exam was decades ago.

The apprehension has confused past anxiety with tomorrow’s annual eye exam.


Yes, but I am experiencing the fear of more aging transitions.

I have never needed reading classes.

I am concerned that my eyes have changed…another admission of progressing years.

Too much reality causes consternation and I can live without that.

I used to use the phrase “get real” frequently…now not so much.

Recently, a teen looked up at me from her seat on the subway and asked if I wanted to sit down.

I looked around for the elderly, pregnant or infirmed passenger close to me.

Holy shit, she was addressing moi.

I had just been beautified at the salon and my color was heightened, my outfit NYC chic.

How was it possible that she was speaking to me?!

My good hair day drooped along with my spirits.

Anyway, I approach the optometrist with trepidation.

The only redeeming factor…the doctor gives discounts to AARP members.

I guess there is a silver lining to everything.

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