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A few Friday thoughts.

A bit disappointed in people’s attitudes. Lead with compassion.

That being said I think Kamila Valieva’s falls were inevitable. The vulnerable 15 year-old was totally used and abused and when she came off the ice her coach treated her terribly without any degree of compassion.

Photo:LA Times

I cannot believe that hundreds of people took the time to write vicious, mean spirited comments on American skier, Mikaela Shiffrin’s Twitter account.

How many people can ski as well as she can even when she falls?

Do you think this is how she wanted her Olympic competition to play out?

A fight between a 14 year-old black 7th grader and a white teen in 11th grade was broken up by police. The white teen was not arrested and was treated with respect while the black youth was thrown to the ground, pinned down, handcuffed and arrested.

He was defending his friend who was being bullied by the white teenager.

The video has had over 2 million views. Will the police never learn?!

An NFL photographer was asked to take a cell phone photo of Kelly and Matthew Stafford at the Super Bowl parade. She backed up and unfortunately fell 6-8 feet off the stage, fracturing her spine.

Upon witnessing the fall the Rams quarterback turned and walked away from her. Stafford was roasted on social media. The good news is Stafford and the Rams are now paying all of the photographer’s  medical bills.

A bit of redemption…Abbott Elementary is a positive, entertaining series on ABC and Hulu. A group of dedicated, passionate Philadelphia public school teachers find themselves thrown together. Despite the financial challenges and the odds stacked against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life.

Be kind and have a great weekend.



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