This Kiss, This Kiss…


Should you be asked before a kiss is planted on the lips?

A peck on the cheek, hand, top of head is reasonable, but when a person goes in, especially with tongue involvement, it should be mutually agreed upon.

In Pretty Woman the stipulation was no kissing.

My first kiss was during Spin the Bottle. I was informed, mentally prepared yet apprehensive.

When my turn came I was nervous and curious because Rocky Possidento, who was in control of the empty Coca Cola bottle, was the cutest boy in elementary school.

The kiss was quick and innocuous yet clearly it made a lasting impression because it was my first. I still remember Rocky!

My first real kiss was after the Sophomore Hop when my upper class man date abruptly pulled off a country road on the way home, embraced me and gave me a kiss.

I remember the geographic location more than the actual kiss as over the years I would frequently drive by the location,

There was no verbal communication. I was taken aback, but not offended. Seconds later we were on the road again.

Greta Zimmer and George Mendonsa had never met before their famous kiss. They had no idea that they had been photographed until years later. The kiss made the cover of Life Magazine to celebrate the end of World War II

The photo isn’t without its controversies. Some believe the kiss depicts sexual assault as the two were perfect strangers. Mendonsa was drunk and Zimmer allegedly had no idea he was there until he had his arms around her and began kissing her.

Photo:Sky News

Most recently, Luis Rubiales, the Spanish soccer federation president, grabbed Jenni Hermoso, Spanish World Club soccer player and engaged her in an aggressive lip lock. It was allegedly not consensual.

There is no indication that Hermoso and Rubiales are in a relationship, or that the kiss was anything other than unwanted. To many, it reeked of the machismo that still dominates Spanish society.

Prince Charming kissing Snow White was not consensual, but she was in a poison apple coma and the kiss was restorative, bringing her back to life. She obviously liked it because they lived happily ever after.


Even thought the world exploded in 2003 after Madonna and Britney Spears locked lips during the MTV awards that kiss was consensual. I was present and no one in the building seemed ready to join the #MeToo movement.

The bottom line, a kiss, albeit a simple act, still needs to be consensual and nonaggressive.

I still melt when my husband kisses me and he doesn’t need to ask permission anymore💜


  1. Women have had to fight their way from day one. In China boys have the right to be born. In the Arab world, women are just one more item in the tool box. In the Latin world, women have been sexualized and seen as another masturbation mind stimulation used by men. Playboy and all porno films women are sexually used by men’s pleasure.
    When successful women are on top of the game, they are portrait as bitchy and evil to get to that place of success. Not how smart , intelligent,strong,capable and self sufficient they can be.
    So, when a men in power feels entitled to just hold your head with their big hands, they must be reminded that WOMEN are not to be messed with , disrespected or to be there to satisfy their macho egos.
    It is time to stop men disrespecting women. Women must stop protecting them making excuses for them , specially mothers. How do you change that mentality?
    He managed to spoil a very important women’s event for his own nasty ego’s satisfaction.
    He had shown that ego in another event.
    This isn’t just about the kiss, it is about making predators responsible for their actions.
    Trump, another predator. People laughed at his words.
    No responsibility.
    There are many wonderful men too. Hopefully teaching their sons to be respectful. Teaching their daughters to be strong and to know their power and worth.
    Just my thoughts.

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