Things That Make You Go Hmmm…


Remember Arsenio Hall and his nightly diatribe about “things that make you go, Hmmm?”

Well, I have a list and it’s getting quite long so I thought I would vent. I’ll throw these things out into the blogisphere and see what resonates.

Kicking annoyances off, why do people block grocery store aisles, chatting obliviously on their cell, causing a a jamzilla like on the 405? I mentioned it to the checkout clerk at Trader Joe’s and she agreed.

She was stocking shelves today and couldn’t believe how many people were blocking the aisles, and using their carts as defensive weapons. Don’t we all just want to grab and go…Hmmm

Rules of the road. Daily, we exit our apartment building into a one way alley. Every single day, someone is plowing down the alley going the wrong way, not relinquishing the right of way, waving “sorry” or just doing the right thing…how could the driver ever think they were in the right…Hmmm

BTW, does anyone EVER think that they are wrong?!


Gym decorum… talking on the cell during fitness class, not wiping down the bike and leaving dirty towels on the bike, floor. My favorite is when you are settled on your mat at Pilates or Yoga class and someone arrives late and places their mat practically on top of you…this definitely is not okay unless the guy is super cute.

There is never recognition of another body lying in close proximity…hello, please honor personal space in classes, passport and DMV lines, concerts. I f we wanted to be that close to a stranger we would find other outlets…Hmmm

This week I was getting a prescription filled and noticed a frail, elderly man struggling with his walker to get to the back of the store to pick up his prescription. Why isn’t the pharmacy located near the entrance? After all, many of the customers are infirmed seniors…Hmmm


Retail therapy moment. We go shopping and find an item that we adore. We make the score and then have buyer’s remorse for days, feeling guilty about how much the merchandise cost. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it…next….Hmmm

What’s a little white lie? A non-truth is what it is…no sizing required. And why is a lie white?…Hmmm

One sheet of toilet paper? Are you kidding me…when would that ever do the job for the next squatter. Why do husband’s, wives, children, anyone not replace a role of toilet paper. It is not a mystery where the toilet paper is stored…replace, please.


Why do women always regret what they just ate? Chocolate, dessert, bread, fried foods, white foods…the results are always the same. We throw it down and then bitch about what we ate for days along with dragging out our fat clothes…Hmmm

Alrighty then…I feel better. I hope I have given you some food for thought and know that we most likely share the same frustrations. I’m hungry so I am going to indulge and then have a good old fashioned bitchfest, again! David, this is fair warning to vacate the premises for your own sanity…Hmmm

Drawing by Satsurou


  1. LOVE this!!! So very true….especially the inconsiderate fitness participant 🙂

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