The Tooth Fairy…

Did you know that the Tooth Fairy visits the Old and the Restless?

I found out last night when she did a fly by at 2am.

I was restless as usual and I felt a gush of wind and a glancing blow.

A working Fairy with a heavy wing.

I was befuddled by the experience.

My first reaction was to look under my pillow for a $20 donation.

The space was devoid of cold cash.

I stumbled into the bathroom and discovered that the tooth fairy had grabbed and flown as if she was in a drive thru Taco Bell.

Add to the growing list of golden years replacement parts a new tooth.

I will not be smiling for a while.

A bit of salvation during these tough times…thanks to Covid 19 I can just put on my trusty mask and I won’t be outed.


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