The Time Of My Life…

Hangover Monday.

I think more people start their diets the day after Super Bowl Sunday rather then New Year’s Day.

If you aren’t heavily invested emotionally or financially in the big game then the only reason to watch the Super Bowl is to party and ultimately, eat.

With my husband in the Middle East, me and  my furry friends crossed the dividing line between uptown and downtown and spent Super Sunday with the Village People.

Courtny and I got down and dirty and bathed the dogs at the self service dog wash.

It’s Sally Hershberger for canines.

Instead of sparkling water or lattes the dogs are offered an endless supply of lamb lungs.

We shampooed with special products, massaged their coats, conditioned and set up an impromptu blow bar.

The girls were gorgeous and ready to party hardy on Super Bowl Sunday.

A little manual labor and the bill totaled $20 as opposed to the uptown $200 price tag.

We rewarded ourselves with a delicious brunch at the trendy hot spot, Fairfax.

The dynamic duo dished on life, love and the deplorable state of American politics.

Afterwards, we headed over to Citarella to stock up for the 6:30pm kick off.

In between we binge watched Broadchurch, an on the edge of your seat, twist and turn series on Netflix.

And then we were ready for some football.

The first half offensive powerhouse display was exciting.

The inept teaming of Justin Timberlake and the NFL presented a visually ‘offensive’ halftime show.

Justin Timberlake’s game time uniform put me on the defensive and frankly, motivated me to barf up everything I ate during the pregame festivities.

The Eagles soared and while it was an exciting game nothing compares to the 2 Super Bowl NY Giants victories over the New England Patriots.

For me, the highlight of the game was the Eli Manning/Odell Beckham Jr. Dirty Dancing commercial.

No more football until September…


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