The Replacements…


Good alternative rock band, a funny film and now an excuse to terrorize, violate and kill.

Welcome to the Great Replacement Theory.

And rather than defending a woman’s right to choose and legislating stricter gun laws this dangerous theory is being supported and amplified by Republican members of Congress.

Once relegated to white supremacist rhetoric, The Great Replacement has made its way into mainstream consciousness in the past several years.

The White Supremacist movement in the United States has quickly adopted the Great Replacement Theory. Additionally, the group now blames Jews for non-white immigration to the U.S. which has made Antisemitism a major talking point in the Great Replacement Theory.

This latest brand of bigotry was initiated in 2011 by Renaud Camus, a French novelist, conspiracy theorist and white nationalist writer. He is the creator of the Great Replacement, a far-right conspiracy theory that claims that a global elite is colluding against the white population of Europe to replace them with non-Europeans.

And, now through the magical empowerment of social media platforms and mainstream media people like Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro and former Congressman Steve King and Representative Elise Stefanik, this hatred is transmitted through a powerful group of white Nationalists who are armed and ready to wipe out all minorities.

This weekend the manifesto provided proof positive in Milwaukee, Buffalo, Houston and most likely Laguna Woods, California…fun times.

It is time for sane caucasians to stand up and admit that this Great Replacement Theory is insane and acknowledge systemic racist, antisemitism and move away from these beliefs which Agent Orange legitimized.

And, please discontinue the empty, ineffectual  hearts and prayers sentiments which achieve absolutely nothing…actions speak louder than  cheap platitudes.

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