The Heat Is On…

“Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty…

But at night it’s a different world.”

In the heat of the night we head to our Cheers…Bar Boulud.

Weekend nights during the summer in NYC are less hectic as so many residents flee the metropolitan area.

We are usually in Los Angeles during July and August

This year is different.

No doubt the heat and humidity can wear you down, but I enjoy the less crowded sidewalks, emptier theaters and easier to get into restaurants.

The staff at Bar Boulud are so welcoming.

The affable bartenders are knowledgeable about the wines and every week is a new French discovery.

We are traditionalists and sit at the end of the long bar, imbibing wine and savory a traditional take on escargots along with the requisite crispy French fries.

My husband and I always have at least one major date night each week.

He is legally obligated to ask me out on a weekly date.

it’s actually in our unconventional prenup.

We chat, flirt, catch up and have a lovely night out.

You have to keep the romance alive and the relationship a priority.

Always keeping the flames fanned.



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