The Good Husband…

I must take a moment to acknowledge The Good Husband.

I had an appointment with a new doctor.

That I am reluctant to enter a physician’s office is an understatement .

Hello, White Coat Syndrome.

I was scheduled at 9am across town.

The Good Husband rose early and walked me over, holding my hand the entire 21/2 miles.

Thoughtful gesture.

He sat in on the consultation and voiced his opinion.

We opted for minor surgery (how is getting cut minor…still better than major).

I needed a full work up.

He patiently waited out the 90 minutes in a monotone, magazine free zone.

After the mandatory medical poking and prodding, he guided me to breakfast.

For whatever reason, I did not feel well on the way home.

The Good Husband tucked me in, walked the dogs, did a wash and at dinnertime, whipped up takeout.

Job well done and performed with compassion, love and no guilt.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…you upheld your decades old vows to perfection.

Standing O for The Good Husband.


  1. AND- Great Photo!

  2. A great husband!

  3. David is one awesome man.
    You two are perfect for each other.
    One awesome couple.
    I trust your fast recovery and healthy days …

  4. truly a honey…..but we all knew that already

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