The Girls Are Alright…


Yesterday Was “B” Day.

My annual mammogram.

The girls were perky and up and out early as I had my exam at 8:30am midtown.

The long and winding road to the medical office is always stressful, especially since you cannot wear deodorant.

This year, David joined me on my journey.

David and Courtny comprise the ‘B‘ Team…my lucky charms.

Yesterday, the Columbia Doctors ran a tight ship. They were right on time.

I had a momentary moment of apprehension because the woman who always serves up my breasts was not my handler.

The newbie was wonderful, but not my Annual Angel.

I had my nude photos taken and in my Frette robe, proceeded to the waiting room or as I refer to it, detention.

I was only agitated for a few minutes and my name was called…gulp.

The verdict was about to be delivered.

Lo and behold, the messenger was my Angel. She delivered the great news, we embraced and I floated out of the medical center high on life.

Remember ladies, every year (usually advised to start having a baseline mammogram at age 40) you must take the girls out and get them smashed. There is no hangover and having your annual mammogram can be uplifting as well as a potential lifesaving measure.

You Go, Girls!!



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    Great!!!!! Good for you Toby….?

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