The Fog Has Lifted…

Up at 4am PT rendered me in a bit of a fog.

California Dreamin’ takes a moment to adjust to.

Wake up call.

The U.S. just reacquainted itself with Syria, bombing AC Syrian airfield with 59 Tomahawk missiles.

War is just about the scariest thing one can encounter.

As a human being, I agree that we cannot stand by as Assad continues to randomly kill, most recently deploying chemical weapons.

He has slaughtered over 400,000 of his own people and sent 3 million refugees to unknown fates.

My fear is the repercussions and I just don’t have faith or confidence in Trump.

He did a 180 in 24 hours.

His premise of America first and isolationism has taken a back seat.

The fog has lifted and clear cut concern has set in.

Was Syria’s deadly, horrific act a test to see how Trump would respond?

Stay tuned.


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