The Ferryman Transports You…

Candy Corn or Dots?

Oprah or Ellen?

Briefs or Boxers?

Beyonce or Madonna?

Musical or Drama?

Yesterday, I chose drama.

The Ferryman, in actuality, plays like an intellectual reality show.

The cast is talented, the dialogue crisp and fluid, the set inviting, the storyline compelling and there is always conflict.

When you think about sitting for 3:15 in airplane like seats that do not provide economy plus legroom for over $100, you hesitate.

But, don’t.

The Ferryman is a brilliantly engrossing theatrical experience.

I have not seen a play as riveting since August: Osage County.

Playwright Jez Butterworth tells the story of the family of a former IRA activist, living in their farmhouse in rural Northern Ireland in 1981.

The Ferryman,  a phenomenon in London, swept the theater awards and has just opened on Broadway.

It is also a gift from the playwright to his partner, Laura Donnelly.

The backstory is intertwined with Laura’s family history.

Donnelly, who plays Caitlin in The Ferryman, lost an uncle to the IRA, one of 19 known as The Disappeared, victims of sectarian violence who seemed to just vanish.

Butterworth was ultimately inspired to write the play so that his partner would have a project to look forward to after the birth of their child.

Invest your time and emotional energy in The Ferryman.

I set out on The Ferryman journey alone, but bonded immediately with my dynamic seat mate who became the perfect theatergoing companion.

The Ferryman carried me to rarified dramatic heights, providing a stimulating afternoon even thought the political hatred and violence that was rampant in Northern Ireland reminded me of the malaise America is presently experiencing.

The Ferryman 242 West 45th Street New York City.  Running time 3 hours, 15 minutes, including two intermissions. On Broadway through February 17th, 2019.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I can’t wait to see this. Great review. I love the backstory which makes the play even more compelling.

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