The Eagle Has Landed, Unfortunately…South Florida Restaurants Review


It felt as if I spent Saturday night in county lock up.

At least, it aesthetically felt that way.

I am always on the hunt for good restaurants in Palm Beach County.

There exists a bevy of expense New York City transplants, but I am merely in search of tasty food set in a pleasing, casual atmosphere.

Eagle Grill had been mentioned numerous times because where you eat in southern Florida is as much a part of the daily discussion as what hell has DeSantis  wrought today.

We drove the 30 minutes to Eagle Grill and upon approach it looked like a decrepit roadside restaurant in the backwater of any southern state thrown down in yet another seedy strip mall.

I already had my doubts, but unaesthetic places can serve up great food.

We love Hurricane Alley. I will not sit inside because it looks like Miss Kitty’s place on Gunsmoke with MAGA maggots running rampant, but outside is totally inoffensive and the oysters, steamers, peel and eat shrimp and Blue Moon on tap are delish.

Eagle Grill is only inside dining with a low, water stained ceiling, dark fake wood everything and a crowd that would standout as unique at a WWE event.

I never witnessed so many women dining out dressed in housecoats and uncombed, frizzy hair with legs done up in support stockings and men with enormous bellies that are in need of suspenders to keep their pants from exposing the southern hemisphere.

The displayed artwork makes Walmart “art” look like museum quality pieces.

The food was not terrible, but who can stomach eating in that environment.

The Bluepoint oysters were wonderful (1/2 dozen $18).

The Caesar not grand, but edible ($5).

My husband, a pescatarian, ordered an Oyster Po Boy which arrived dressed as a Pulled Pork sandwich.

Thankfully, I caught him in time. Men just eat and don’t look ($19).

I lost my mind and for the first time in my lifetime ordered a pork chop. People had raved…I didn’t ($26).

I had enough when the grumpy old man who staggered in with his eighty-year-old drunk bimbo loudly asked if the restaurant served real Grey Goose Vodka or watered down the contents. The bartender laughed and exclaimed,  “Of course!”

This prompted the old geezer to start screaming at anyone who would listen. “I knew it!”

He was met with a hearty round of boos…just a bit of seamy bar humor.

After that we paid the bill, refusing a doggie bag and broke free.

The Eagle had landed in a pile of poop and we needed to fly the coop.

Eagle Grill 4636 Jog Road Green Acres, Florida.  Open daily. Free parking.


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