The Bogey Man…

This man comes out swinging every single day.

He never breaks even.

His handicap is his insecurity and narcissism.

Listen, we all experience days filled with double bogeys.

Trump photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

We all have problems and end up in the rough.

But, this jackass hasn’t scored for this country since he took over power.

Through his dicey game plan, Americans are now forced to not only worry about their personal safety, but the safety of the country.

This pathological liar is terrorizing America.

Every damn day there is another tweet, causing a firestorm of criticism.

Trump is unstable.

His tweets are juvenile and vindictive.

The President receives carefully curated national security reports daily.

His tweets are filled with alternative facts…a total disregard for the intelligence communities fact checking.

He is a president that runs this country through insecurity, ignorance, narcissism, ultimately chipping away at the respect of the presidency.

The man is toxic.

When the president is insecure the country is insecure.

Europeans nations are dumbfounded.

Trump is detrimental and damaging and is changing the conversation about America as the most powerful nation in the world.
This madness must stop.
Americans are exhausted.
Trump functions well below par.
Let’s scratch him off the political scorecard and come up with a different course of action and leadership…responsible, caring Americans are begging Agent Orange to crawl into a bunker and disappear.
 Please note: Trump is spending more time on the links with pro golfers than he is in the White House itself and he is costing the American people valuable tax dollars vacationing to the tune of $12 million a month.
Obviously, Camp David is not good enough for the Bogey Man.

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