The 4th Fizzles…

The party’s over…

I depart New York City tomorrow with a heavy heart and apprehensive of looming boredom.

Los Angeles is groovy until the sun goes down and then I need to find a life.

It’s funny…I am always meeting people for cocktails and dining out in Manhattan. I am in dire need of an adult beverage in Los Angeles yet I have no true hangout and rarely imbibe alcohol except for Friday night’s at BOA with the lovely April.

Now that April is getting hitched any day, I will be wandering the streets of West Los Angeles looking for a comfortable bar stool.

I am ecstatic to see my doggie, Madison. I cannot wait to hang with her and my daughter, Courtny, who has purportedly made herself completely at home in my closet.

There is little else in Los Angeles that proves enticing…well, there are always glorious hair days.

I depart on the 4th of July so I am creating my own fireworks.

I am leaving the bright lights and big city behind and I am looking forward to long walks on the condom strewn beach, panic attack inducing traffic, searching for cultural excitement, neighbors who roast wild goat every evening and a 90 minute drive (technically should take 30 at the most) to Flywheel in West Hollywood because major thoroughfares in Santa Monica are shut down for the next 14 months.

See you Monday on the other coast…hope your 4th explodes with excitement.


  1. kristen kulas says:

    safe travels and see you soon! I am jealous of your perfect weather on the other coast…….

  2. paula lopez says:

    A whole goat???

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