That Darn Machine…

A 90 year-old man sat next to me in spin class the other day.

He was adorable in his bike pants and shoes, his hip, round tortoise shell glasses slipping down his perspiring face.

He needed help adjusting his seat and removing the cages from his pedals.

I was happy to help.

He worked at a less than fever pitch, but he did a great job.

Afterwards, he commented on what a fun class it was.

He usually spins with Alex on Saturdays, but enjoyed this instructor and really “dug her music!”

He told me it is challenging for him to sign up for class because he isn’t good with his machine.

This conjured up a boatload of emotions about Queen E. who always asked me to look things up for her on my machine.

Anyway, I told the gentleman he can sign up on his phone.

He said that was the machine he was referring to.

By the way, talkin’ about machines, did you know that the average person checks their phone 47 times a day.

Mentioning this fact to friends and family, they all commented that the number seemed low.

There is an actual name for this disease…Nomophobia, the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or being unable to use your phone for some reason, such as the absence of a signal, running out of minutes or battery power.

Fabulous, another neurosis to deal with.

Apparently, 66% of the population suffer from Nomophobia, the largest affected group being teenagers.

According to new statistics, 65% of the population supports a Digital Detox, but only 25% have ever attempted to wean themselves.

When on vacation I try to only check my phone once or twice a day, but I am normally a regular lookie-loo.

I remember the old days when you were in a car, on a plane or in an unserviced cell area and no one could reach you.

Now you can never hide.

Anyone can reach out and touch and you are it.

Revolutionary…I going to take a walk and I am going bold, leaving my machine at home, remaining out of contact for a minimum of 60 minutes…it’s a beginning.

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