Tennis Anyone…

US Open started on Monday.

Feeling nostalgic.

it has been a few years since I worked at the Open as on-air booth manager.

My job was corraling all the tennis announcers and making sure they were on time, well fed, fit, happy and thriving.

I worked with John and Patrick McEnroe, Brad Gilbert, Dick Enberg, Jim Courier, Chris Evert, Ted Robinson, Mary Carillo, Tracy Austin, Mike Tirico, Chris Fowler…the list is long and impressive…loved them all.

John McEnroe was my guy.

My favorite announcing team was John, Ted and Mary.

The days were long.

I started 7 days a week at 8:30am and pre-roof at Ashe the matches could go to 3am depending on the weather.

When Nespresso debuted in America I struck a deal and they set me up with a fancy espresso machine that percolated day and night.

I became quite the barista.

The VIPs were also my responsibility and I entertained many lovely guests.

Really enjoyed when the athletes visited the booth at Arthur Ashe Stadium, especially Yankees and Giants…player game ticket thank you’s were the best.

Tennis was my racket for a long run, more than a decade…missing it, but when ESPN bought the rights the magic soon ended and it was game, set, match.

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