Tempting Takeout…

Ready for some kick ass takeout?!

n/naka, the two-Michelin starred Los Angeles (Palms) restaurant, is now offering takeout.

It is still a tough reservation.

You need to go online to n/naka at 10am PDST on Saturdays to secure a slot.

Last Saturday, at 9:58am, I pulled off the PCH and was poised and ready.

Bummer, every day and time slot was taken by 10am!

Being a skeptic, I called and left a message venting my frustration.

Someone called back on Monday and offered a Tuesday spot with a 4:30 pick up.

I jumped at it because n/naka is a fabulous dining experience and it was a rare opportunity not to cook as well as a chance to sample their amazing food for $38.

The bento box contains the usual array of delicacies that would otherwise be found on the restaurant’s 13-course menu.

Included in the bento box is comprised of fabulous Albacore Sashimi Salad with garlic miso dressing, unusual yet delicious and creamy Kabicha Potato Salad, Gobo, light and flavorful Miso-Marinated Sea Bass with Sunchoke purée, Tuna Kara-Age with coriander lime sauce, Beef Nikudango which was tasty, but I prefer their sushi, Tamagoyaki, Rice and outstanding sushi accompanied by a delectable crab roll. Dessert is Matcha White Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Kanten and Fresh Fruit.

Also available is the $85 Kaiseki Jubako, a thoughtfully curated selection of dishes highlighting the essence of California kaiseki, including Braised Monterey Bay Abalone, Japanese Style Roast Duck, Seared Wagyu Salad, Lobster Uni Nikogori, Seasonal Sashimi, Sushi Selection, Binchota, Grilled Seasonal Fish, Crispy Lobster Nanbanzuke, Takiawase Braised Vegetables, Matcha White Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Daifuku and Passion Fruit Chocolate Truffle.

Become familiar with n/naka by checking out the Netflix documentary, Chef’s Table, which has a segment on Chef/owner Niki Nakayama and the stunning n/naka experience.

n/naka 3455 Overland Avenue Palms, California.

n/naka is offering a limited number of n/naka Bento with Sushi and n/naka Kaiseki Jūbako for pick up.
n/naka Bento with sushi pick up time slots are available every 15 minutes from 4:30-7pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays.

n/naka Kaiseki Jūbako are available for pick up  Wednesdays-Saturdays.

n/naka is also offering a curated list of wines, sakes, cocktails and non-alcoholic n/naka beverages to accompany the meal.

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  1. We are getting ours on Saturday!

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