Tell Her No…


Other than LIKE, NO is probably the most overused word in the world.

My mother uses NO non-stop.

Every suggestion is met with that particularly onerous refrain even though she usually changes her mind.

Spouses often comment, “No, you are wrong” before you have even expressed your thoughts.

Trump uses the word all the time. “No, it is fake news, no president has ever been treated so badly.”

How many times do people ask for your opinion and then not only interrupt your stream of consciousness, but stop the flow with an emphatic, NO.

Along with momma and dadda, a child’s first words include, NO.

I remember when my daughter first began to speak, she would shake her head up and down indicating Yes, but her lips said, NO.

In the workplace, many respond NO rather than taking the matter under consideration.

Why is NO, which is a definitive negative, so much easier to utter than the positive term, YES?

Are we all just lazy, playing coy or hard to get, saying, NO, NO, NO when it’s really YES, YES, YES….

Mull over your answer to The Zombies, Tell Her No, playing in the background and then let me know…YES, NO?


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