Taxing Situation…

Dreams do come true.

It may be too late for me as evidenced in the name of my blog, but I am all about supporting women who have to deal with monthly menstruation.

I have always believed that tampons and sanitary pads should be free, free, free and prices are always going up, up, up.

If a man had to suffer through the pain and inconvenience (stating the misery as politely as possible) you can bet that Congress would have made the products tax exempt decades ago.

Leave it to women to fight the good fight to make menstrual products along with diapers tax free in   California for the next two years, thanks to a new California law that went into effect on New Year’s Day.

The tax exempt efforts are the result of two state lawmakers, Democratic Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego and Cristina Garcia of Bell Gardens, who for years have been fighting tirelessly to end the sales tax on diapers and menstrual products.

The politicians will continue to push back to make the tax exemption permanent.

Hopefully, others will fight to alleviate the tax nationwide.

By the way, the savings for tax free diapers for the average family is $100 a year per child…that is a substantial amount.

This is great news.


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