Talkin’ About Bad Boys…

Sitting on the beach searching for the meaning of life as the waves crash on the shore.

Well, no epiphanies so I turned to my phone.

Out of the blue, a blonde woman appeared in front of me. After conversing she appeared to be intellectually gifted.

Her dog was like off leash and like ran over to me.

Thankfully, we spoke like briefly. It was 58 degrees and she was wearing a thong bikini…the term bimbo appeared in a sun laced bubble over her golden head like a halo…sorry fellow females, but if the description fits wear it proudly because you cast yourself that way.

The encounter must have rekindled some old memories because I then back pedaled over 40 years ago to a blonde bimbo who lived next door to me in Brentwood.

She was sunning herself on the rooftop of the building that I lived in.

She mentioned that she had asked this good looking guy with an accent out on a date recently and said he was too nice and polite.

She stated that she only had an appetite for bad boys.

I knew who she was talking about because I had briefly talked to him when he walked through the building’s front gate, shirtless from a run.

He had an accent and was handsome and fit.

Her polite, nice guy turned out to be my future husband!

So thank you Blondie for your rejection.

One woman’s expendable is another person’s treasure.

I dated some so called bad boys and I do not not think they are worth the aggravation unless they are obscenely rich and that in my opinion, is rarely the case.

Rockers are often bad boys and it is like dating a creative 12 year-old boy…they are moody, unpredictable, irresponsible, their jeans always are in need of washing as is their hair and life is always just about me and fulfilling their personal needs.

I never dated the breed, but witnessed a lot of social interaction, sexual tension and interesting marriages.

BTW, when I eventually told my husband the story about Blondie he at first did not remember her and then recollected that she asked him out multiple times and finally said yes just to be nice!!

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