Taking On Lyon…

The day arrived to bid adieu to our home away from home.

Charming place and the stay is always too short.

We departed before sunrise for the 6 hour drive to Lyon through the Dordogne region.

We arrived at our hotel and, as usual, took off immediately to sightsee.

The Vieux Ville, composed of urban Renaissance dwellings on cobblestone streets, is charming.

We paused at the Place Des Terraux and surveyed the statute by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi who also designed the Statue of Liberty which France gifted to America. The square also features the stately Musee Des Beaux Arts and the Hotel de Ville.

We strolled through Rue St. Jean and Rue de Boeuf and found #54 Rue St. Jean.  We located a traboule, a secret passageway, that was built to accommodate the money changers for the wealthy Lyonnaise bankers and merchants during the French Revolution.

Cathedrale St. Jean is in the neighborhood featuring fabulous 13th century stained-glass windows.

We took the funicular up to the Basilique de Notre Dame-de-Fourviere.

The church is adorned with gilt, marble and mosaics and is a close relative of Sacre-Coeur in Paris.

The lovely area around the Jacobins fountain is an upscale area with high end shopping.

We made it across the river at sunset.

That night we dined at the spectacular 2 Michelin Star Takao Takano restaurant.

Next stop the undeniable beauty of Annecy.

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