Taking It Lying Down…


On my back…

It has been foggy in the Palisades of late.

The coastal fog conditions dictate luxuriating a bit longer in bed. When you are used to sunshine and low humidity who wants to take a hike in cloudy, damp, moist surroundings especially when my hair is looking mighty fine.

artist:Todd Goldman
artist:Todd Goldman

Why is lounging in bed so enticing? Keep the shutters or drapes closed, turn on the TV, read a book, make a large cappuccino, have your husband provide breakfast in bed…ecstasy.

But when one contemplates death the thought of lying in a satan covered bed in the dark, the sweat trickles down my back and I have to reach for a Tums.

Perspective is everything. So even though I am enjoying lounging, surrendering to the peace and solitude, lolling alone in a queen sized bed, I think I will get up, exercise, move around while I still have time and the means to be mobile.

Finn, Madison and I are vertical and heading for the hills….have a fabulous weekend and may the NY Yankees win a game.

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  1. Enjoying life when you are alive….
    Enjoying every event as what is….
    As we , in Hawaii have El Niño threatening us with a major weather system one after the other….
    Well…we have until November ….

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