Tackling A New Giant Season…


It’s time for NY Giants football.

Sunday night, the 9 month gestation period is over and MY New York Football Giants give birth to a new season.

I am anticipating a messy, painful delivery.

The Giants are #1 in pre-season injuries.

Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.
Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

Eli Manning looked totally inept and our divine saviors, Salsa Master, Victor Cruz and the one handed catch wonder, Odell Beckman Jr. were never on the field together as Cruz is still healing from major surgery.

NY Giant Jason Pierre Paul photo:nypost.com
NY Giant Jason Pierre Paul

The Giants made headlines in July when their #1 defensive player, Jason Pierre Paul,  blew off his finger while fondling firecrackers on the 4th of July. More complications have followed.

To make matters worse, the offensive line has not played together as a whole.

My hopes are high, but reality has thrown me a deep ball that looks to be intercepted.

I live for football. I am beyond thrilled when the NY Giants win. I take the losses way too seriously.

Last night, Thursday Night Football eased me back into the NFL and has prepared me for Sunday. The Super Bowl champion New England UnPatriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, soundly.

I am hoping that history does not repeat itself on Sunday. Besides the playoffs and the Super Bowl the Giants usually play pitifully when their games are broadcast on national television. I hate to be embarrassed in front of millions.


The first game of the season kicks off Sunday Night Football against the hated divisional opponents, the Dallas Cowboys. The game is being played in Dallas, home to the Donald Trump of football, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

I could live without the dynamic duo of Tony Romo to Jason Witten on third down for 10 yards.

I need to check on my uniform for the game…slip into my big girl Giant panties and t-shirt, my Giant boxer shorts and good luck Giant cap that I just bought…I ran out of caps after last year’s unproductive season.


My daughter, Courtny and I will watch together. The remote will be placed in its’ good luck position. David will be banned if he exhibits signs of injecting bad luck into the proceedings.

Courtny is never ejected from the room as this Giants tandem always weather the storm together. She usually has to talk me down from my self-inflicted hysteria.

Our new puppy, Finnley, will have a trial period adjusting to the screaming and yelling during Giants telecasts.

Have a great weekend. Football addicts are satiated and others will experience some quality alone time.

I will see you on the other side.

If there is no post on Monday assume the worst and pray for my survival.

Watch NY Giant Odell Beckham Jr. make the greatest catch of all time:


  1. I think this is a good time to wish you a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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