Tackling A Fall Reorg…

Yesterday, I demurely handed in my proposed seasonal reorg to my husband.

The fall schedule is basically nonnegotiable as stipulated in our prenup.

As of September 7th through January 2024 I will not be making dinner on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights.

I am only available for fun forays before 1pm on Sundays.

Conversations will be restricted during game time with talk limited to commercial breaks unless there is a medical emergency.

Mondays, depending on whether the NY Giants won or lost, he may want to check results and adjust his attitude accordingly.

If the Giants suffered defeat he may seriously consider providing a wide berth to me on Monday mornings.

Starbucks and a treat from Maman would be a lovely, supportive gesture that would be viewed as a thoughtful way to kickoff an emotionally challenging week.

Other than that I will continue to be an enjoyable, entertaining, involved, supportive life partner.

Nothing beats football, fall weather, a cute new fall wardrobe, no frizz and the impending holidays.

Word to the NY Giants.

Can you hear me now…please, even after hip surgery, I am down in a 4-point stance begging you to be gentle with me and provide an upbeat, watchable, positive season with minimal frustration and pain.


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