T3…Toby, Trader Joe’s and Target…


 My name is Toby and I am a Trader Joe’s and Target addict.

I enter these product laden stores and I start to sweat… no, it isn’t menopause, it is the physical reaction when I come face to face with my guilty pleasure… bargain opportunity shopping.

Now, I love designer goods almost as much as I love my dogs and the NY Football Giants, but I can get high off of a good buy.

I saunter in to Trader Joe’s, grab my handi wipe, swipe my red cart and start grabbing produce and tantalizing Trader Joe brand items off the shelves.

Despite being armed with my collection of reusable bags, I always head home with an additional 4 brown paper bags. You would think that I would learn my lesson.

I purchase never before sampled products just because they sound tantalizing. Why am I gambling with my taste buds, because you can return anything at TJ’s if you don’t like it.

What a miraculous concept. Can you imagine a bad day with the kids or your husband/wife and being able to return them, no questions asked.

Trader Joe’s has surprisingly good quality and their prices can’t be beat! They also stock some very good wines and you can sample goodies without the riot crowd mentality you are confronted with at Costco.

I have scoped out and sampled the following items and I give them 5 Silver Spoons:
Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes-add kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, fat free half and half and a dollop of crème fraiche. Microwave 2 times for 2 minutes each and your have maaavelous mashers.

Trader Joe’s Mango Chunks make the best thick smoothies.

Trader Joe’s Tandoori Naan Bread-provides the best wrapping for my delish fish tacos.

Trader Joe’s organic Brown and Jasmine Rice-easy and oh, aso tasty. Trader Joe’s Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons-pan sear to a crispy golden brown and you have a great snack or appetizer.

Trader Joe’s EVOO, fresh ground pepper, banana bread mix, dish washing lotion, veggies, fruit, Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack are all highly recommended. Also, Provence pure vegetable enriched soap with shea butter is less than half the price it is at Sabon or L’Occitane.

Try the Bordeaux from Medoc and the Trader Joe’s light beer. I can go on with an extensive grocery list of other items, but I will spare you.

Target or as we have been calling it since the 80’s, Target (insert French accent) Boutique is a cornucopia of temptations. You can furnish an apartment, a dorm room, enhance your wardrobe all at amazing prices.

So, if you ever start to sweat, palms get itchy, and you are having cravings, don’t reach for the refrigerator door or your Bloomingdales charge card, head to Trader Joe’s or Target and satisfy your addiction without breaking the bank.

Trader Joe’s Langoustine over Jasmine rice, adorned with white corn

-1 bag Trader Joe’s frozen langoustine


-1 bag Trader Joe’s frozen organic Jasmine rice

-2 cups Trader Joe’s frozen Pacific Northwest white corn

Defrost langoustine and drain. Pat the langoustine dry. Saute langoustine in EVOO, fresh ground pepper until golden brown.

Score a 2 inch line in the middle of the rice bag and microwave 1 bag of jasmine rice for 2:45. Remove from microwave.

Defrost corn and add 2 tablespoon water and microwave for 1 minute. Combine langoustine, corn and rice. Squeeze lemon and add lemon zest. If Meyer lemons are in season, use them.

Meal for 4 is under $20 and delish.

langoustine tails
Trader Joe’s langoustine

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  1. Yes, I love and agree with your write up! Trader Joes is exactly how I feel. Outside of all the food products you mention I also love their flower selection, definitely the best prices around and I have a basil plant I bought months ago and I’m still picking off the leaves! So true about leaving with extra brown bags, haha! I’m a big fan of Target too!! We have a super Target and funny as it sounds I do some of my grocery shopping there, better prices than our Pavilions. Loving your blogs Toby, yea!!! keep on writing!

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